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Twitter Exposes Fake Melania Yet Again

Twitter Exposes Fake Melania Yet Again

There’s a conspiracy theory that the Secret Service occasionally employs a stand-in for the First Lady if a photo op needs her presence but she cannot physically be there for one reason or another, perhaps if it might endanger her. On the rare occasion, maybe a body double was needed for long-range photos of a President en route between engagements, or perhaps waving from the White House balcony. But when Donald Trump needs his wife by his side, she apparently would rather let someone who sort of resembles her from far away but couldn’t possibly pass for her up close do the job instead.

Just a few days ago, an obvious body double was photographed leaving an event alongside Trump and departing on Marine One. Even a casual observer could see that it wasn’t the real First Lady, despite no acknowledgment to the contrary from the White House.

It seems different Fake Melania’s are used for different roles. There was the one in the sunglasses on Marine One, but she appears to be different from the woman in this photograph from a different event, also alleged to be a double.

These two also seem different from the woman who joined Trump onstage Friday and let him embrace and kiss her repeatedly. That was the tip-off for the many sharp-eyed Twitter users who were quick to point out that the woman had to be a double for that reason alone.

Melania herself has disputed the “Fake Melania” theory, but appearances like the one above certainly don’t do much to dispel the rumors that she’s waiting out of what she hopes to be the last days of her husband’s White House tenure. Her former best friend and employee Stephanie Winston Wolkoff has alleged Melania negotiated a hefty pre-nup before moving from New York to Washington, DC, including a demand for a new toilet. Some have speculated Melania will file for divorce if Trump loses the election.

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