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Twitter Drags Rubio and Daines For Sharing Photo of Zelensky From ‘Secret’ Zoom Call

Twitter Drags Rubio and Daines For Sharing Photo of Zelensky From ‘Secret’ Zoom Call

Two Republican Senators found themselves under fire of their own for posting photos of Volodomyr Zelensky from a Zoom call on social media even after they were specifically asked not to share anything about the discussion for the safety of the Ukrainian president.

Zelensky had invited all Republican and Democratic members of Congress to join him for a Zoom call on Saturday morning, where he pleaded for the US to provide greater assistance to Ukraine. He called on the US to set up a no-fly zone over Ukraine, to implement sanctions on Russia’s energy sector, and to send more military assistance for Ukrainian forces. But the US cannot establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine, because doing so would require engaging with and shooting down Russian aircraft, which would, in turn, most likely lead to a nuclear retaliation from Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

[not the photo posted on Twitter]
Twitter users immediately trended “TAKE IT DOWN” while slamming Republican Senators Steve Daines of Montana and Marco Rubio of Florida for their “appalling and reckless ignorance” after they each posted screen grabs from the call between President Zelensky and a group of US lawmakers on Saturday morning, where he had pleaded for more help for Ukraine from the US.

Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) said in a tweet quoting The Recount: “The Ukrainian Ambassador very intentionally asked each of us on the zoom to NOT share anything on social media during the meeting to protect the security of President Zelenskyy,” he tweeted. “Appalling and reckless ignorance by two US Senators.” [HillReporter is choosing to not share the actual tweet, which shares the image that wasn’t supposed to be posted.] 

After the meeting, they were joined by fellow Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz as well as Democrats Sheldon Whitehouse, senator for Rhode Island, and Jim Himes, a Connecticut congressman, who also shared images of the Ukrainian president on the Zoom call. Twitter users were also asking them to take down their posts as well.

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All of the tweets were still up as we went to press.


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