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Twitter Demolishes Andrew Giuliani for Blaming Democrats, DOJ for Dad’s Law License Suspension

Twitter Demolishes Andrew Giuliani for Blaming Democrats, DOJ for Dad’s Law License Suspension

Shortly after news broke that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani had his license to practice law suspended for peddling ex-President Donald Trump’s “big lie” that the 2020 election was stolen, Andrew Giuliani – who is seeking the Republican nomination in next year’s New York gubernatorial contest – whined on Twitter that his father is the victim of a Justice Department hitjob.


Giuliani senior served as Trump’s hilariously incompetent personal attorney during Trump’s tumultuous presidency, and despite the former commander in chief having stiffed Giuliani by not paying his legal bills, the ex-mayor has nonetheless remained loyal to his erstwhile client.

“Hi, my fellow Americans. Today it’s my fellow Americans, not just my fellow New Yorkers. As you may have heard recently, a few minutes ago my father’s law license was suspended by the New York State First Appellate Division of the Supreme Court,” Giuliani began in a video posted to Twitter.

“Now, the five judges that ruled on it – Judge Rolando Acosta, Judge Dianne Renwick, Judge Sally Manzanet-Daniels, Judge Judith Gische, and Judge Barbara Kaepernick – all five of them are Democrats, three of which were appointed by [New York Democratic Governor] Andrew Cuomo. Five to nothing, ultimately. Democrats with zero Republicans on there,” he continued.

“Again, this is just unbelievable to see just how politicized all of this has become. I am infuriated by all of this, and any American that believes in an independent justice system, this is going after one of President Trump’s closest allies. That’s exactly what this is. Any American that does not believe that, they are just biased. This is unacceptable, and I stand by my father. He did everything, ultimately, by the book, and the fact that there would be this politicization in our Justice Department is disgusting. It is a cancer that needs to be cut out, and it needs to be cut out right now,” the 35-year-old seethed.

“Thank you for listening. Stay tuned, I’ll have more statements later in the day,” the video concluded.

Watch below:

Former federal prosecutor and MSNBC legal analyst Joyce Vance quickly pounced on Guiliani’s baseless complaints, noting that his father was disbarred “for violating its ethics rules” and that “it’s not politics & DOJ is not involved. But, I’m here to see more of this scenic roadstop in the promised multiple statements later today. Wondering if there’s a crossover with 4 Seasons Landscaping?”

Vance was far from the only onlooker to dump all over the future failed candidate for governor, however. The internet pulled no punches.


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