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Twitter Celebrates George Floyd, Roasts Ben Shapiro Over Chauvin Tweet

Twitter Celebrates George Floyd, Roasts Ben Shapiro Over Chauvin Tweet

As the three Guilty verdicts against Derek Chauvin were read aloud, celebrations began all over the country, starting on social media. Twitter users exploded in celebration of the verdicts that finally brought closure to the family of George Floyd, while also calling for serious police reform in the wake of more deadly violence against Black men even as the Chauvin trial was unfolding.

Most Twitter users focused on the positivity of the verdict. Others reminded their followers what the outcome of the trial means not just for the American justice system, but for Black America and the future of policing. With so much open hostility coming from police as well as being aimed towards them, others gave voice to worries about possible retaliations from the right amid the celebrating.

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Helping prove that last point was Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire, who just had to put in his own fetid two cents and ended getting dragged mercilessly for essentially just being Ben Shapiro.


Aside from Shapiro trying to pull focus, most of Twitter was treating the Guilty verdicts with the reverence they deserve. Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi elevated the conversation and reminded everyone of what’s at stake.

For those who champion humanity over inhumanity, the bittersweet moment carried the full weight of history.

With the new energy from the verdicts are the calls to do better going forward and enact legislation to bring real and meaningful change.

The emotion of the moment was palpable when the Floyd family received an incredible phone call from the President and Vice President, who were set to speak to the country on Tuesday evening.




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