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Twice-Failed GOP United States Senate Candidate Calls for ‘Judeo-Christian Revolution’

Twice-Failed GOP United States Senate Candidate Calls for ‘Judeo-Christian Revolution’

Right-wing Republican United States Senate candidate Josh Mandel of Ohio said on Real America’s Voice on Friday that a “Judeo-Christan revolution” is needed in the US, even though the First Amendment to the Constitution explicitly forbids the establishment of any religion by the federal government.


Mandel is running for the Senate for the third time and hopes to fill the seat held by incumbent Republican Rob Portman, who is retiring at the end of his term in 2022.

“What do you mean by a ‘Judeo-Christian revolution?” asked host Jenna Ellis.

It is a well-established fact that the Founding Fathers were – for the most part – theistic rationalists and that fewer early Americans went to church less often in the 18th Century than they do today. More crucially, at no point was the United States intended to be a Christian nation.

Thus, Mandel peddled a completely revisionist and whitewashed view of American history. He did not mention slavery, the Trail of Tears, Tuskeegee, the genocide of native societies, or the innumerable other barbaric acts that pepper our collective cultural past – and even some that are still ongoing, such as the cruel economic embargo of Cuba.

“I mean, taking it back to the founding of this country, that the – that this incredible country, the United States of America – it was founded on Judeo-Christian values, not on radical Muslim values, not on Atheism, but on Judeo-Christian values,” Mandel told Ellis on Just the Truth. “And there’s so many differentiating factors that differentiate that Judeo-Christian ethic from other belief sets. But one of the main differentiators is the acknowledgment of good versus evil and our willingness to fight for good over evil, and right now Jenna there’s a lot of evil going on in the world but also in this country, where the secular left is trying to take God out of everything. And my feeling is instead of watering down on our Judeo-Christian values, we should be doubling down on our Judeo-Christian values.”

According to the GOP’s inhumane platform, that excludes lifting people out of poverty, guaranteeing access to medical care, stopping a pandemic, or ensuring that everyone has equality under the law and can exercise their constitutional right to vote.

“We should be instilling God in the classroom, instilling God in the workplace, and in all aspects of society,” Mandel said.

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