Tweeting Against Trump: The Threats, The Dangers, The Disgust

Some of you may know me as one-half the ‘Krassenstein brothers’. Other’s may look at me as that annoying guy who fact-checks nearly all of the president’s tweets, and perhaps a few of you see me as a means to understand the mess that this country is now in.

Regardless of your opinion in my social media presence, whether you hate me, love me or have absolutely no opinion of me at all, there is one thing I can tell you for sure; you have no right to threaten me, my family or my property, and if you think you do, you WILL be dealt with.

Over the course of the last two years, my brother @EdKrassen and I have been tweeting our opinions of, and fact checking the President, mainly on Twitter, but also through KrassenCast, which is our new podcast. While the vast majority of our online interactions are pleasant, there have been a growing number of hateful, anti-semitic and downright frightening messages sent our way.

This has led me not only to buy my first gun (no, being a Democrat does not mean I’m against the 2nd Amendment), report dozens of individuals to the local police and federal authorities, and revamp our home security system to the max., with advanced hidden cameras, night vision, and just about everything under the sun. Below is just a handful of what we’ve had to deal with:

This was a letter I got to my home in December of last year.


Here is another letter I received just about a week ago. Yes it’s sent from the same individual in Florida.
A direct message on Twitter received in early February
Another friendly direct message on Twitter from January
This angry message came two weeks ago from a man named Connor Terison

Take note that these threats are just a handful of what we receive, and only span the last few months after federal authorities and local police requested we document everything.  I’m not going to sit here and blame the president for others’ actions, but just this week it was revealed that a Coast Guardsman had planned the murder of several key Democrats and media personalities.  The president has yet to speak out about this incident and few within the Republican party have as well.

This nation is a nation of greatly differing opinions.  If you don’t like mine, ignore me.  If you don’t agree with my FACTS then make up your own and try and back them up. Threatening someone else over their opinion or the facts they post on social media suggests that you are either, a) insane or b) have no clear argument against those facts and opinions, so you resort to trying to shut them up.  It won’t work!

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