TV Doctor Ellen Pompeo Blasts Dr.’s Phil, Oz and Drew

Ellen Pompeo may not be a doctor in real life, but she plays one on TV. The actress has played Dr. Meredith Grey on the hit ABC show, Grey’s Anatomy, since 2005.

Walt Disney Television via Flickr

Over the weekend, Pompeo took to Twitter to blast protesters who are taking to the street to demonstrate against shelter in place laws. While venting, the actress also took aim at “old white guy TV doctors,” in a shot at Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Phil McGraw and Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Pompeo began by sharing an article about California stay at home protesters. “They didn’t get the memo that this isn’t about them .” she wrote. “So if any of them get sick they should be fine with just going home and staying home caring for themselves …you don’t have the right to ask for help from people you didn’t care about when you were waving your flag.”

The actress continued, “Staying home is for very good reasons…one of them is to stop the spread to nurses doctors and anyone who works in a hospital housekeeping …security .. maintenance…. …to keep their risk of contracting lower and The hospitals can only handle so much intake.”

Pompeo then took aim at the TV doctors who have been making appearances on Fox News. “Also the old white guy tv docs who say stupid selfish sh*t should yes …walk that shit riht back .to your lazy boys and sit your stupid asses down in your living rooms on your golf courses where you live..tired out of touch old fools don’t get me started today.”


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