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‘Turning It All Over’: Disillusioned ‘MAGA Bonnie & Clyde’ Will Cooperate With Select Committee Subpoenas

‘Turning It All Over’: Disillusioned ‘MAGA Bonnie & Clyde’ Will Cooperate With Select Committee Subpoenas

Dustin Stockton and Jennifer Lynn Lawrence (not to be confused with the actress), the so-called “MAGA Bonnie and Clyde” will testify next week before the House Select Committee investigating the attack on the U.S. Capitol, according to a new report from Rolling Stone.

The couple will also turn over documents, including text messages, that indicate the detailed planning of the “Stop the Steal” rally showing coordination between organizers, sitting members of Congress, and members of the Trump administration.

Dustin Stockton Jennifer Lynn Lawrence
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The couple explained why they intend to cooperate. “We’ve seen what’s happened with Bannon, and we don’t have the resources that a Steve Bannon has,” Stockton says, referring to a federal indictment for the former top Trump aide. “Our options are, in a lot of ways, limited.” Stockton and Lawrence also say they’ve been “living in fear” since an August 2020 raid by federal agents on their RV in Mesquite, Nevada, in connection with an investigation into the use of funds raised for the We Build the Wall group, CNN reported at the time.

The couple claims to have stayed away from the events and watched it all unfold on TV from the safety of their room at the Willard Hotel, which had served as the HQ for the planners. They say their cooperation with the House investigation — as well as their coming out in the pages of Rolling Stone — is about “setting the record straight”.

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Their motivations for “turning it all over” and letting the “cards fall where they may” could also stem from sour feelings towards Trump and what they say is his lack of loyalty for those arrested and facing consequences for actions to support him on January 6th. “This guy’s sitting on giant gold buildings all over the world with his name on it and we’ve done more to help those people than he has,” Stockton tells Rolling Stone of the former president. “It’s f—ing disgusting.”

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