Tucker Carlson’s Racist BLM Commentary Drives Away Advertisers

Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show has again lost advertisers, after his coverage of Black Lives Matter protests over the past few weeks. Over 70 advertisers stopped supporting Tucker Carlson Tonight in 2019 as consumers boycotted corporations that supported Carlson’s show, and in the weeks since George Floyd’s death — or, more to the point, since Carlson has been covering Floyd’s death and the aftermath — he’s lost two more. Disney and T-Mobile both say they’ll no longer advertise on the show, and Disney, in fact, says that their last ad buy that included the show was an error.

tucker carlson loses advertisers
[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

As consumers responded to a Media Matters report listing Carlson’s advertisers, leading with a screenshot of Carlson’s show in which the chyron reads, “How exactly is ‘diversity’ our ‘strength’?” they tagged some of these companies in their responses. T-Mobile CEO Mike Seivert, among others, responded.

T-Mobile is one among many companies that have recently released statements supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, with Sievert promising that the company is making “significant changes” and “establishing programs to support Black businesses and minority communities across the country.”

According to Deadline, Disney/ABC is also ensuring that Tucker Carlson won’t be receiving their ad revenue, saying, in fact, that recent ads “were placed on the show by third party media buyers who were unaware that we do not advertise on the show, and they have now been notified not to place any further ads.”

Carlson has referred to the protests as “George Floyd mob violence.” The Daily Beast reports that he raged over Sesame Street’s support of Black Lives Matter, calling it “propaganda” and “not about black lives,” but about “left-wing mobs” trying to take away people’s rights.

Carlson said that the backlash to his show is proof of this, and that the “mob” is trying to force him on the air. He assured viewers he’s not going anywhere.

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