Tucker Carlson Wins Bulls**t Factory Employee Of The Month, Says CNN Anchor

Jim Acosta is done with far-right news and media channels (especially the most mainstream of those) promoting conspiracy theories and wild allegations without any supporting evidence. He lashed out Saturday evening at Fox News and at Tucker Carlson in particular, calling the former a “bullsh*t factory” and the latter the “employee of the month” for promoting it.

[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

Sheck out the clips below. CNN‘s Jim Acosta seems to be trying hard to rein in his frustration at yet another wild conspiracy theory blowing up the networks without any actual evidence or support. Specifically, the latest is a claim that the FBI was secretly behind the January 6th insurrection attempt, and that the agency framed and entrapped the Trump supporters who actually carried out the attack.

Acosta seems to try to present this gently, saying that he knows there are good people who work at Fox News, and describing the network’s role not so much as complicit in spreading false information as just a matter of “corporate failure” in “allowing” such propaganda.

But in this clip, he lays into Carlson, and the gloves are off.

“I recently described Fox News as the ‘bullsh*t factory’ in honor of its steady stream of bogus segments aimed at ginning up moral rage. But Tucker has really outdone himself this week, so I’ve decided to award Tucker with the distinction of Bullsh*t Factory Employee Of The Month. Congratulations, Tucker. Nobody bullshits like you when it comes to the insurrection…at least in the English language.”

With a quick cut to Vladimir Putin, who is also complaining that the insurrectionists faced criminal charges, Acosta leaves no doubt what kind of propaganda he’s calling out Carlson for promoting.

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