Tucker Carlson: Warren’s Child Care Plan Would Outsource Raising Children to Immigrants

One of the key platforms of Elizabeth Warren’s Presidential run is her universal child care plan. This promise is a breath of fresh air for many American families who struggle to pay the rising costs of child care.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

One person, however, who does not care for Warren’s plan is Fox News host, Tucker Carlson. Carlson dedicated a segment of his show to attacking that plan claiming it will cause a rise in immigration.

According to Carlson, the plan is not to allow both parents to work full-time jobs, but to destroy American families. The host postulated, ” The new Elizabeth Warren argues that the American dream is not raising your own children, the American dream is outsourcing their upbringing to government caretakers while their parents scurry back to work as good little servants of globalized market capitalism.”

Child care costs can be cripplingly expensive. According to Fatherly, the cost of monthly child care can raise as high as $3,000 each month.

Warren’s plan, “would make it so that no family spends more than 7 percent of their income on quality minor supervision.” This could be a massive benefit to those families where both parent must work to make ends meet.

Carlson didn’t see it that way,  “Let’s take this seriously. Warren has it exactly backward. Children are not entitled to government daycare. What children are entitled to is love from their own parents.”

The Fox Host, who played a video of Warren drinking a beer during the segment, ended with, “Raising your own kids, Elizabeth Warren is telling us, is a job Americans just won’t do. Huh.”

See a video of the segment here:


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