Tucker Carlson: Trump Will Lose if he Doesn’t “Round Up” BLM “Terrorists”

A little over a month ago, George Floyd was killed while in police custody in Minnesota. Since that moment, protests have exploded across the country. People have also become much more supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement. A recent poll by The Daily Kos found that 52% of Americans now back the movement compared to 30% who oppose.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

To hear Fox News tell the story, though, the George Floyd protesters are nothing more than thugs. On Friday night’s broadcast, Tucker Carlson likened the protesters to terrorists and claimed that Donald Trump will lose the election if he doesn’t “round them up.”

The Fox News host told his viewers, “What looked like protests were in fact highly effective attacks on Donald Trump’s voters, his power base. Few in Washington clearly appreciated this, at least on the right. If they had, they would have told the country what was really happening. No, this is not about George Floyd. It’s not about police brutality. It’s a power grab by violent extremists, but they didn’t understand that.”

The pundit continued, “So weeks into the rioting, the social media accounts of the White House were still producing ham-handed posts about Juneteenth. No one was convinced by them, no one was reassured. Instead, many voters were becoming increasingly agitated by the lawlessness they saw all around them. Who is going to protect us from this, they wondered.”

Carlson closed with a warning for his favorite President:

“The people destroying this country are criminals. Few are brave enough to call them that. So, naturally their popularity grows. Everyone supports protesters. This is America, we believe in protest. But watch what happens when you start calling them what they really are. Most people don’t like terrorists. Terrorists will never be popular, even among Democratic voters. So charge them for the crimes they’ve committed and call them what they are.”

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