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Tucker Carlson to Viewers: Barack Obama is a Fascist Who Hates You

Tucker Carlson to Viewers: Barack Obama is a Fascist Who Hates You

When Barack Obama was in office, he was focused on serving all of his constituents, not just those who agreed with him. Ideas like the Affordable Care Act would have been beneficial to those on the Right as well as those on the Left.

US President Barack Obama laughs as he listens performer Joel McHale telling jokes during the White House Correspondents Association Dinner on May 3, 2014 in Washington, DC. AFP PHOTO/Jewel Samad (Photo credit should read JEWEL SAMAD/AFP via Getty Images)

What the 44th President doesn’t care for, however, is the right-wing disinformation machine. And one of the biggest pushers of misinformation is Tucker Carlson.

The Fox News host was upset when Obama gave a recent speech at Stanford University about stopping disinformation. In response, Carlson told his viewers that the former President “hates you.”

Carlson whined, “Barack Obama gave a big speech at Stanford yesterday on disinformation. Now, like the Atlantic magazine’s conference on disinformation at the University of Chicago, the conference was all about promoting disinformation, but because self-awareness has been banned, nobody noticed.”

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The Fox host continued, “So this guy is not just liberal. In fact, he’s not liberal at all.” Carlson said. “He’s a full-blown fascist who hates you and wants to keep you from talking, or else. He wants censorship of anyone who disagrees with him, and now he just comes out and says it.”


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