Tucker Carlson Says His First Grade Teacher Made Him a Conservative, She Says That’s a Total Lie

There were many things that made Tucker Carlson a Conservative. He was raised in incredible privilege in La Jolla, California. His father, Dick Carlson, was a Conservative reporter who was nominated to positions by Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. He went to elite boarding schools and eventually to Trinity College.

[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]
But the face of white grievance in America says that he is a Conservative because of his first grade teacher. When the Washington Post asked that teacher about Carlson’s stories, she said that they are completely embellished.

Carlson wrote in his biography that his first grade teacher Mrs. Raymond, “wore long Indian-print skirts. . . . She had little interest in conventional academic topics, like reading and penmanship,” The Fox host continued that she would sob at her desk and yell, “The world is so unfair! You don’t know that yet. But you’ll find out!”

When asked about those comments, Raymond replied, “Oh my God. That is the most embellished, crazy thing I ever heard.”

The Fox host also noted that he wanted Liberals like Mrs. Raymond to, “stop blubbering and teach us to read. . . . Mrs. Raymond never did teach us; my father had to hire a tutor to get me through phonics.” An aghast Raymond noted that she was the tutor hired by Carlson’s father.


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