Tucker Carlson Goes On Racist Tirade As He Attacks A Mexican-American Lawyer

Fox News host and right-wing shill Tucker Carlson berated a Mexican-American lawyer on Tucker Carlson Tonight, accusing his guest of being in the United States illegally.

Cesar Vargas, a “Dreamer” and “first undocumented attorney,” according to his Twitter account, discussed the future of ICE in Philadelphia after the city’s mayor pledged to stop cooperating with the agency tasked with deporting undocumented immigrants.

After several minutes of heated banter over immigration, Carlson told Vargas that he’s “here illegally” and to not “hit me with the race crap” after Vargas tried to insert a little history into their discussion — history which Carlson clearly doesn’t like to hear because it has to do with our country’s racist past.

Carlson then implied Vargas was lucky Fox News was “not reporting you or having you like, taken out by force.”

This is what Fox News pays Carlson to say. 

The transcript is below, courtesy of Media Matters:

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): As an American let me explain our system to you I know that you’re here illegally.


CESAR VARGAS: As a nation, we have matured from only free, land-owner white people —

CARLSON: Don’t hit me with the race crap, okay?


As a citizen of a country controlled by the conquistadors don’t lecture me about that stuff.


CARLSON: I don’t know what chutzpah is in Spanish, but for you sitting here illegally and we’re not reporting you or having you like, taken out by force.

VARGAS: And you know what I got a green card now.

CARLSON: Oh, you do have a green card.



We’re all Americans.

CARLSON: No you’re not actually, you’re a Mexican citizen I believe.

VARGAS: A Mexican-American and that’s the pride of this great nation.

CARLSON: You know what you are, you’re bold.

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