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Tucker Carlson Once Tried To Use The Biden Name For His Own Advantage

Tucker Carlson Once Tried To Use The Biden Name For His Own Advantage

Tucker Carlson is happy to use his platform to try to besmirch the Biden name. He spreads a lot of conspiracy theories, claiming that Hunter Biden capitalized on his father’s vice presidency to secure business deals, and that Joe Biden took a cut of those deals. However, it’s now been revealed that it was Carlson himself who tried to use Biden’s name to get ahead — or rather, to get a boost for his son.

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Carlson has admitted that he knew Hunter personally, and says that he was a good person, although he describes Hunter’s reported struggles with addiction as “demons” that he “kept mostly under control” at the time they were acquainted. Still, never one to let an opportunity pass to spin a good conspiracy theory, Carlson tried in 2020 to suggest that there was something sinister about a package that happened to contain a flash drive of documents going missing — even though his team had made copies of the documents in advance, suggesting that they know packages do sometimes disappear or get damaged.

However, while Carlson was airing his allegations that Hunter Biden made profits from his father’s name, he didn’t bother to disclose he had tried to do the same.

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The Washington Post reports that they’ve been able to authenticate emails sent from Carlson and his wife to Hunter Biden in 2014 (while Joe Biden was Vice President of the United States) begging him to meet their son, Buckley, and help him get into Hunter’s alma mater, Georgetown University.

Carlson, ironically, refused to address the emails, because they were retrieved from a laptop that the U.S. intel networks have cited as being used for Russian disinformation campaigns.

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