Tucker Carlson Makes The Case For Trump Not Being Re-elected

On his Thursday evening broadcast, Fox News personality Tucker Carlson suggested that President Donald Trump may be sick of being president, and may be implementing policies he knows would fail to get him elected.

Noting that there are dozens of candidates running for president on the Democratic side, Carlson acknowledged that Trump is the incumbent Republican, and is most likely to sail toward re-nomination from the party to run again.

“Everyone assumes he wants to be re-elected, most presidents do. But what if Donald Trump had decided he’s had enough?” Carlson asked. “Too many investigations, too much nastiness, too few upsides. It wouldn’t be a crazy conclusion. How would you like to spend your 70s locked in the White House?”

Carlson cited many policies that demonstrate the president might be trying to undermine his own campaign. Half a billion dollars in Medicare Cuts, slashing funding for E-Verify workers, and prison reform that puts “a bunch of drug dealers back onto the streets,” Carlson added, may indicate that Trump is ready to call it quits.

But Carlson wondered aloud whether Trump’s base “got the message” — what would he do then to make sure the message was received? He’d have to go bolder, the Fox News host said, doing something so “mindless and counterproductive” that there’d be “no way” for even his base of support to back him up.

Carlson suggested that raising the gas tax would be a surefire way to accomplish that. “Hiking taxes on working-class rural people” is a surefire way for someone “sick of the job” to lose re-election, Carlson added.

The entire rant from Carlson could be theorizing on what the president is up to, but it could also be a tongue-in-cheek way for him to speak out against Trump’s actions. Unlike most Fox News personalities, Carlson has not been afraid to be critical of the president, albeit from a far-right point of view.

In a December interview, he was asked whether Trump had “achieved nothing” in his time in office. Although not agreeing with that sentiment completely, Carlson conceded that Trump’s accomplishments amounted to “not much,” according to reporting from the Washington Post.

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