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Tucker Carlson Laments That He Can’t Eat Out Anymore

Tucker Carlson Laments That He Can’t Eat Out Anymore

In the era of Trump, Republicans have had a difficult time going out for a meal. Kirstjen Neilsen was yelled out of a Mexican restaurant during the time of the border separation policy. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Stephen Miller and Ted Cruz have also experienced heckling when going out to eat.

Now you can add Fox News host Tucker Carlson to the list. Carlson said he has stopped going out to eat at Washington DC restaurants due to the abuse he takes.

On a National Review radio show, Carlson remarked, “I don’t feel threatened, but having someone yell ‘F*ck you!’ At a restaurant, it just wrecks your meal.”

The Fox News host felt that this treatment will not last forever, saying, “I can’t wait for this revolution to end so I can go back out to dinner.”

Carlson was appearing on the Jamie Weinstein show to promote his new book, Ship of Fools. During the interview he also fawned over Donald Trump’s bravery and bragged about his own early support of the Iraq War.

This has been an interesting week for Carlson. Last night he gave his take on Elizabeth Warren’s recent DNA Test that showed that she does in fact have Native American heritage.

Of Warren he said, “She is the one who stole their identity and leveraged their suffering to climb the greasy pole of our fake meritocracy. Actual Indians are disgusted by it.”

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During the segment, the word Fauxcohontas was displayed on the chyron and Carlson repeatedly referred to Warren as Liawatha.

On Friday night, Carlson’s CNN competitors, Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon took turns displaying their best impressions of the Fox News Host. Cuomo lamented, “He doesn’t have to say anything, he’s just got that pissed puppy dog look on his face.”

Cuomo and Lemon then took turns making their best Carlson faces, focusing particularly on his bemused scowl.

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