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Tucker Carlson: Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Nomination ‘Defiles’ the Supreme Court [VIDEO]

Tucker Carlson: Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Nomination ‘Defiles’ the Supreme Court [VIDEO]

Donald Trump’s first nominee to the Supreme Court was Neal Gorsuch. Gorsuch wasn’t controversial; he was a typical Conservative judicial nominee. The subsequent two nominations for the court, though, were troubling. Brett Kavanaugh had been credibly accused of sexual assault. And Amy Coney Barrett belonged to an extremist Catholic sect.

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Ketanji Brown Jackson, Joe Biden’s first nominee, shouldn’t be controversial either. While she certainly leans left, she has ruled in favor of Republican causes as well. But Tucker Carlson, not surprisingly, still had an over-the-top reaction.

“Now maybe she’s great, that’s not the point,” the Fox host bloviated. “The point is she was picked because of how she looks, so what does that tell you not about the nominee but about Joe Biden? It tells you that he is absolutely happy to defile a system built by other people over hundreds of years, this is the best system in the history of the world, and he is happy to destroy it. Doesn’t care at all.”

Carlson continued:

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“So legally speaking, Ketanji Brown Jackson isn’t much of a jurist. She’s not simply ignorant of the law, she is a political activist and the irony is that right now the Supreme Court is considering an important question, a central question, about affirmative action. They are about to decide whether Harvard and other elite institutions can make decisions based on racial quotas. Do you want to live in that country? Most people don’t, of all colors. They think that you should be elevated in America based on what you do, on the choices not on how you were born, not on your DNA, because that’s Rwanda.”


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