Tucker Carlson: Kamala Harris Will Apply Affirmative Action to COVID Vaccines

Republicans and Conservative media were chomping at the bit to attack Joe Biden’s VP choice. If it was Susan Rice, they would have constantly talked about Benghazi. If it was Elizabeth Warren, they would talk about her progressive politics and repeat Trump’s racist “Pocahontas” slams.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Kamala Harris has proven to be much more difficult for the GOP to slander. The Trump campaign released a weak statement calling her a phony. In lieu of well-reasoned attacks, Tucker Carlson has decided to just make things up. During his Wednesday night show, the Fox host claimed that Harris would deny Americans COVID-19 vaccines based on skin color.

Carlson got his idea from an interview Harris had with Samantha Bee. While talking with the Comedy Central host, the Democratic VP candidate talked about how the disease has hit people of color especially hard. “The disparities that have long existed based on race are now highlighted,” Harris said. ”So one of the things that I’m calling for around this pandemic is that we make decisions about where the resources should go based on that issue.”

The Fox News host took this to mean that white people would be able to get the vaccine. He told his viewers, “Affirmative Action would be applied to life-saving medical treatment. But Kamala Harris thinks it should be.”

Carlson continued:

“So we make decisions about where the resources should go to keep people from dying on the basis of skin color. So only people of a certain color get the vaccine, for example. That’s what she’s arguing. Now, this is a lot of things. It’s immoral. It’s unconstitutional, obviously. But above all it is definitely not moderate.”

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