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Tucker Carlson Hit Hard By Critics For Vaccine Hypocrisy

Tucker Carlson Hit Hard By Critics For Vaccine Hypocrisy

Is Tucker Carlson vaccinated against COVID-19? The world may never know.

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Still, a lot of people feel really confident that the answer is “yes, absolutely,” especially in light of his employer’s own rules for COVID-19 safety. If they’re right, then his refusal to say so, combined with his anti-vax rants, make him look pretty hypocritical. In fact, vaccination status aside, there’s still a highly hypocritical element to a lot of his attacks on COVID-19 precautions, in light of Fox News‘s own rules — and Tucker is being hit hard on social media for it.

CNN reported last month on Fox‘s cautionary mandates for employees. They’re pretty typical: employees have to disclose vaccination status; unvaccinated employees have to wear masks; and unvaccinated employees must submit to a daily health screening.

Meanwhile, Carlson tells his viewers that being asked to disclose vaccination status is like being asked to disclose private matters in one’s sex life, rails against mask mandates, and suggests to his viewers that getting a vaccine might cause their genitals to suffer.

He’s getting called out pretty heavily for the evident and perceived hypocrisy.

Carlson didn’t exactly help his case when he recently said that he tries not to lie on-air, but admitted that he will do so if he decides it’s necessary — using the phrase “backed into a corner.” Ultimately, it’s probably a good idea to get information on health — including COVID-19 and vaccines — from a trusted medical professional, rather than an entertainer or news commentator.

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