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Tucker Carlson: Gun Buyback Programs Would Result in Civil War

Tucker Carlson: Gun Buyback Programs Would Result in Civil War

After the summer’s spate of mass shootings, lawmakers looked for all kinds of solutions to end the recurring violence. Beto O’Rourke, who previously held office in the district which includes El Paso, angrily spoke out about the resistance to gun control. He said that if he was to be elected, owners of assault rifles would be required to sell them back to the government.

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The Republican reaction to this potential solution was largely one of anger. The most aggressive response may have come from Tucker Carlson, who said the program would result in a civil war.

According to the Fox host, “They are not buying them back. It’s gun confiscation. Nothing but that. An attempt to eliminate a constitutional right the ruling class finds inconvenient.”

Despite the AR-15’s regular presence in mass shooting, Carlson said a buyback would not lead to less violence. He told his audience, “It won’t reduce gun violence. In fact, sending armed authorities door-to-door to seize people’s lawfully owned weapons is a sure-fire recipe for causing violence. If you cared about America and the people who live here, you would not suggest that. But they don’t hesitate.”

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Carlson wasn’t the only conservative talking about how gun control could lead to violence. “How do you think you’re going to come to somebody’s house, and what are you going to pay?” View co-host Meghan McCain asked. “It doesn’t seem like that’s rational conversation. If you’re talking about going and taking people’s guns away from them, there is going to be a lot of violence.”



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