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Tucker Carlson Flees to Hungary to Launch Racist Rant Against Immigrants

Tucker Carlson Flees to Hungary to Launch Racist Rant Against Immigrants

Fox News propagandist Tucker Carlson flew to Hungary this week to hobnob with its Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, a right-wing authoritarian extremist with ties to neo-Nazi groups. On Friday, Carlson hosted his nightly show from Budapest, the country’s capital, and suggested that the United States should be more like Hungary in its approach to immigration.

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“This is not natural, this is a manufactured disaster. It’s not a tornado. It’s not an act of God. The Biden Administration did this on purpose and they’re still doing it. And that is exactly why Democrats become hysterical when you mention the obvious successes that are on display here in Hungary on the immigration question. They don’t want you to know that there is an option to the chaos and filth and crime growing all around us,” Carlson said.

Carlson went on to refer to immigrants as “chaos and filth” and asked his viewers to consider not paying their taxes.

“We don’t have to live like that anymore. Actually, we could have a functioning country. All we’d have to do is uphold our own laws, the ones already on the books. But that’s not happening,” he continued. “Instead, the Administration is using American courts to encourage more illegal immigration from other countries. In his immigration plan, [President] Joe Biden proposes millions more in federal dollars to lawyers in order to defend foreign nationals entering our country. So as an American citizen, you can be summarily fired from your job for not taking the unapproved COVID vaccine, yet if you sneak into our country by violating our laws and you’re COVID-positive coming from Haiti or Brazil or Ghana or Honduras, you get a free lawyer. You get free housing and then you get free health care. So watching all this after a while you begin to wonder, what’s the point of having American citizenship? What’s the point of paying your taxes? Other smaller countries – far less privileged places – have figured this out.”

Carlson then issued a bizarre defense of Hungary – an Eastern European nation with very limited freedom of speech, no rights for LGBTQ individuals, and a xenophobic attitude toward outsiders.

‘Here’s footage that we just shot in Budapest. Notice what you watch it what you don’t see. There are not tent cities full of drug addicts living in the parks here. There isn’t garbage and human waste littering the sidewalks. People don’t get beheaded at intersections. BLM [Black Lives Matter] isn’t allowed to torch entire neighborhoods in Budapest. That’s how Americans used to live before our leaders decided they no longer cared about you,” said Carlson. “The Hungarian government protects its border because it wants to protect its citizens. That’s the basic role of government. It’s not a radical concept. It used to be commonplace across the world, especially in the United States.”

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