Tucker Carlson Calls on Trump to Pardon Roger Stone

With the release of the Mueller Report, multiple news agencies went to work spinning the news to their angle. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson wasted no time blasting the existence of the probe in the first place.

Carlson felt that the probe had done immense damage to multiple figures within the Trump orbit. In the vein, the Fox host called on the president to pardon former adviser, Roger Stone.

Stone was arrested by the FBI in late January on 7 charges including witness tampering and making false statements. Carlson criticized the bureau for their treatment of the adviser during his arrest. He said at the time, “The footage depicts what you’d expect if the FBI raided the home of a Mexican drug lord, maybe even SEAL Team 6 going into [Osama] bin Laden’s compound.”

Now the Fox News host is claiming that Stone should not face punishment for his act. He told viewers, “Roger Stone is facing life in prison. He was indicted by an investigation designed to find collusion––indicted on minor charges. Stone was dragged from his own home in a morning FBI raid.”

Carlson had host Ed Henry on his program to discuss the case and asked him about the possibility of pardons. Henry responded, “I’ve heard people outside the White House tell me very clearly that the president has been advised to let this investigation play out before he discusses pardons or does anything.”

The White House has not commented on potential pardons for figures inside the campaign such as Stone, Paul Manafort or Michael Flynn.

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