Tucker Carlson Belittles Veep as ‘Willie Brown’s Girlfriend’ With ‘No Adult Skills’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson launched a racist attack on Vice President Kamala Harris on Thursday evening, referring to the veep as “Willie Brown’s girlfriend” and claiming that she lacks basic executive function.


Carlson was alluding to Harris’s personal relationship with former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown in the 1990s, however, what relevance that it has to the COVID-19 pandemic or Harris’s job performance as vice president of the United States exists exclusively inside Carlson’s skull.

“We told you that Willie Brown’s girlfriend has decided that she knows more about COVID than the physicians and nurses who treat COVID. That would be Kamala Harris, a person with no adult skills, a person who can’t figure out how to pronounce her own first name, that person is now issuing medical directives to medical doctors and demanding they obey. The media meanwhile seem to think that’s perfectly normal,” Carlson snarled. “That’s how bonkers things have become, and yet, it seems to be accelerating.”

Watch below via Nikki McCann Ramirez of Media Matters for America:

Bonkers is an understatement. In the same segment, Carlson accused Democrats of “using COVID for political advantage,” asking rhetorically, “why wouldn’t they?” before diving into a conspiracy theory about the origins of the coronavirus.

“The pandemic has been awfully good to the Democratic Party so far. Their allies in the federal bureaucracy helped to create the virus in the first place with ghoulish taxpayer-funded experiments in China. Once the virus came here, they rode the panic all the way to the White House and control of the Congress, not to mention a socialized economy,” Carlson asserted.

“Now they’re betting corona will help them keep power forever. Could that really be what’s happening? Let’s see. Go to a quiet place for a moment and think carefully about the last 18 months, all of it, including the part where they told you that Black Lives Matter riots could not spread COVID. What do you conclude? Yeah, that’s exactly what’s happening,” said Carlson.

Trump’s superspreader rallies, anyone?

He then repeated his insult toward Harris.

“The question is, why are Republicans in the Congress still playing along with it? Because they are afraid of being called science deniers by people who think men can have babies? Because they worry that Willie Brown’s girlfriend is going to say something mean about them on MSNBC?” he wondered. “Seriously, what is going on here?”

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