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Tucker Carlson Asserts Ignorance Over Fox News’s Employee Vaccine Mandate

Tucker Carlson Asserts Ignorance Over Fox News’s Employee Vaccine Mandate

Fox News noisemaker and co-founder of The Daily Caller Tucker Carlson was asked about Fox’s employee vaccine mandate by Vince & Jason Save the Nation podcast hosts Jason Nichols and Vince Coglianese on Wednesday and declared that he has no idea what the network’s rules are even though he works there and is subject to them.

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“I have a question here about Fox News,” said Nichols.

“Yeah!” Tuckems exclaimed prematurely.

“You said Fox News has no vaccine mandate, but according to Newsweek, the company requires unvaccinated employees to submit to daily COVID testing, which is stricter than [President Joe] Biden’s mandate, which calls for weekly testing for businesses that employ more than 100 people. Is Fox News denying the civil liberties of its employees by being stricter than President Biden?” Nichols queried.

“I don’t know. I mean, you should probably ask Newsweek, it sounds like they have a pretty precise handle on what’s happening,” Tuckems claimed.

Nichols asked if Newsweek had made a mistake.

“It’s completely wrong, as I noted the other night,” said Tuckems.

“So what is the policy?” Nichols interjected.

“I’m not qualified to speak for the company on this because I don’t run the company. I’m just an employee of the company. My personal preference is that Fox News would make a statement about what their policies are, but I think, like a lot of companies, they’re hesitant to do that, because, like, why would you even want to get involved in that conversation?” Tuckems replied, adding that there are also “a lot of infectious diseases out there” with “much higher mortality rates than COVID-19.”

In fact, Fox laid out its vaccination policy in a memo obtained by CNN last month:

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Following our request for employees to upload their vaccination status in our secure system, we are pleased to share that more than 90% of our full-time employees reported that they are fully vaccinated. This is important information for our company to know as we continue to implement our phased return to office timing and procedures.

Soon we will introduce another important health and safety measure for access to our facilities – daily COVID testing for the small group of employees who are not vaccinated or have not provided their vaccination status. Additional details about this protocol will be shared with the relevant employees in the near future.

We appreciate your continued cooperation as we work together in the best interests of our shared well-being. Thank you for being a valued FOX team member as an exciting fall season across our business is already underway.

Whaddya know, Tuckems was lying.

Watch below via The Daily Caller:

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