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Tucker Carlson and Fox News Make Mockery of Themselves During Michael Avenatti Interview

Tucker Carlson and Fox News Make Mockery of Themselves During Michael Avenatti Interview

Source: YouTube (Fox News)

Tucker Carlson has been known to be rude to guests on his show.  He frequently cuts his guests off before they have the opportunity to answer his questions. He seems to do this as a means to try and fluster them into saying something they don’t want to say, and as a way to change the subject when Carlson simply does not like the answers they give.

Attorney, and possible 2020 Presidential Candidate, Michael Avenatti, finally decided to oblige to Carlson’s demands and appears on his Fox News show last night (seen below in it’s entirety), under 2 conditions according to Avenatti:  1) Carlson would not cut Avenatti off, and 2) Carlson would not engage in ‘name calling’.

Tucker Carlson actually said toward the beginning of the interview that “I actually don’t have an interest in squabbling with you at all, or name calling.”

Almost instantly Carlson broke both of his promises though.  Prior to and during almost the entire interview, Fox News displayed chyrons (headlines that appear on the bottom of the screen), which read: “CREEPY PORN LAWYER TOYING WITH 2020 RUN”, “DOES AMERICA WANT CREEPY PORN LAWYER AS PRES?”, and “STORMY’S LAWYER AS CREEPY PORN PRESIDENT?” among others.

It was almost as if Fox News had given up actual factual news reporting in favor of transforming into more of a Jerry Springer type entertainment channel.

Time after time, Carlson would ask Avenatti questions before cutting him off with a new question, seemingly whenever Avenatti answered legitimately.  He then began to attack Avenatti personally with an argument that didn’t even make sense.

“I feel that you and others were exploiting her,” Carlson told Avenatti. “So I feel bad for her. I’m wondering what the injury is for her,” he continued before Avenatti answered.

“The injury is that the agreement that was entered into was not adhered to by Michael Cohen and Donald Trump,” Avenatti explained. “They did not fulfill their end of the bargain. Now do you want to talk about the injury to the American people? The injury is that he and Michael Cohen and others, lied to the American people and covered up the $130,000 payment and violated campaign finance laws.”

Instead of accepting Avenatti’s answer, Carlson kept coming back to the idea that Stormy Daniels was being “exploited” by Avanatti, as he questioned repeatedly why Avenatti was wearing an “expensive suit”, while Stormy Daniels was working in strip clubs.

Fact is, Stormy Daniels was previously represented by an attorney who did not have her best interests at heart.  She went out and hired Avenatti to better represent her and he has done that and so much more.  Avenatti is one of the reasons why Daniels was able to get her story out, which in turn has allowed her career to flourish quite a bit.

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Carlson’s narrative that he tried to portray to his viewers, was that Michael Avenatti was getting rich off of Stormy Daniels, while Daniels struggled with her finances.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Stormy Daniels is estimated to make $5,000 to $20,000 per appearance she makes at night clubs throughout the country since the news broke about her alleged relationship with Trump.  She has recently signed a book deal, which some people believe should help her pocket royalties in the 6-figures.  Michael Avenatti is one of the main reasons for this, as Daniels is now allowed to tell her story to the world.

Avenatti, on the other hand, isn’t “getting rich” off of Stormy Daniels.  He most certainly is already quite wealthy.  He has served as the lead counsel on a historic $454 million verdict in Los Angeles, which was later reduced to $21.7 million after appeal.  He also has represented a class in a class-action settlement against Service Corporation International, which amounted to $80.5 million, as well as a $41 million jury verdict against KPMG, and a $39 million verdict against FLIR Systems Inc.  Common sense would tell you that he doesn’t need Stormy Daniels to generate wealth.

The entire segment between Tucker Carlson and Michael Avenatti can be seen below.

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