Tucker Carlson Aired the Covid-19 Video Pulled Down From Facebook and Twitter, Says There’s Nothing Wrong With It

On Monday night, Donald Trump shared a video of Doctors talking about Covid-19. The spot was rife with disinformation about the virus and how to prevent it. The video was subsequently taken down by both Facebook and Twitter.

doctor promotes hydroxychloroquine and demons and witches
[Screenshot via America’s Frontline Doctors/YouTube
This “censorship” by the social media giants enraged Tucker Carlson. The Fox News personality claimed that there was nothing wrong with the video’s content and broadcasted it live on his show.

“Any scientific advancement that reduces the suffering of Americans in an election year is a threat to Joe Biden’s campaign,” the host told his audience.

Carlson continued, “Big tech censored science. They pulled the video of doctors in lab coats talking about coronavirus research and they hid that video from the public. That’s exactly what the Chinese government so often does, except when Silicon Valley erases your freedoms, they lecture you as they do it. They’ve got all the ruthlessness of Chinese authoritarians but with double the self-righteousness. It’s the American version.”

The Fox host then gloated that the prominent social media channels can’t censor him.

“Thankfully, none of this applies to us at Fox News,” he said. “We happen to work for one of the very few mass media companies left in America that is not controlled by Google or Facebook. We can report the news honestly. Big tech can’t censor us, at least, not right now. You’re not allowed to watch these physicians on YouTube tonight, but we can show them to you here, and we are going to.”

Watch Carlson’s comments below, courtesy of Fox News:


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