Tucker Carlson Advises Viewers to Threaten and Sue Employers That Mandate Vaccines

This week, CNN let go of three employees who refused to get vaccinated. The company has a clear policy about their workers either getting tested regularly or showing proof of vaccinated. These workers did not comply.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Fox News has a similar policy in place. But you would never know that from listening to Tucker Carlson. Last night the Fox host encouraged his viewers to furiously fight back against vaccine mandates.

Carlson, who knows noting about the employees fired by CNN, began to make accusations. “Are they high-level people? Or are they more likely studio technicians, potentially African-American studio technicians? And how did CNN learn about their vaccination status? What else do they know about people’s medical histories over there?”

The Fox host continued:

“Obviously we’re in the middle of a moral panic, driven by politicians who are dividing us for their own power. But if you face this, if your employer tries to force you to get medicine you don’t need and threatens to fire you if you don’t, our unsolicited advice is resist, threaten to sue, make a lot of noise, don’t go along with it. You’re an American. You don’t have to.”

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