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Truth Social Users Whine About Censorship After Being Banned From Trump’s New App

Truth Social Users Whine About Censorship After Being Banned From Trump’s New App

Conservatives who make up Truth Social‘s target audience rushed to be among the first to sign up. But now even those who are among Donald Trump’s most loyal followers are accusing the app billed as a “free speech” alternative to other platforms of “rank hypocrisy” for censoring content and banning accounts.

It’s just another problem to add to the list of setbacks Trump’s latest venture faced upon its launch. Aside from technical glitches which put users on a waiting list–complete with an unironic message that assured the user just assigned a number that they were loved and “not just a number” to Truth Social–the app’s questionable funding is still under a microscope. Now, users are getting banned just as they would on Twitter: a right-wing broadcaster who has pushed conspiracy theories about the coronavirus in recent months was censored for posting what the platform classified as ‘sensitive content.’

It really should be called “Our Version of the Truth” Social

The ultra-conservative right-wing Washington Examiner website reported Truth Social’s content moderation policies are “significantly stricter than Twitter’s and not free speech-oriented.” In a piece shared on Friday, they reported that “another” user has been banned from the app for creating an account that made fun of Devin Nunes, the CEO of Trump Media and Technology Group, the parent company of Truth Social. This means trolling Devin Nunes on Truth Social is a one-way ticket back to the other apps. That is, if you can ever get on.

Patrick Hedger, executive director of the conservative Taxpayers Protection Alliance, told the Washington Examiner that Truth Social has sold its customers a false bill of goods: “It isn’t a censorship-free experience at all, it’s rank hypocrisy to ban the DevinNunesCow account,” Hedger said. “I think they should abide by how they advertise themselves as a censorship-free platform or recognize that striking a balance between free speech and palatable consumer content is not easy, as other platforms have realized.” The DevinNunesCow account on Truth Social was created by web developer Matt Ortega. The account was permanently banned by Truth Social for violating “social community guidelines.” Meanwhile, its companion account on Twitter is one of the platform’s most popular.

Right-wing radio host Stew Peters also lashed out after getting slapped with a “sensitive content” label on one of his posts — forcing users to click through to see it. “I’m ALREADY being censored on Truth Social,” Peters wrote later on Telegram. “I said, ‘The people in our government responsible for allowing our kids to be killed with these dangerous Covid shots, should be put on trial and executed.’ Free speech isn’t free.” Peters appeared at this weekend’s CPAC conference and called for Dr. Anthony Fauci to be hanged, so if he’s too extreme for Truth Social, perhaps rules aren’t actually a bad thing.

Twitter users enjoyed the irony.

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