Trump’s Victim Complex Turned To Max Over COVID-19, Election Fears, Say Sources

Inside sources reportedly say that Trump is complaining that COVID-19 is “unfair” to him, and that he’s refusing to hear those who warn him that his own behavior could cost him the election. Trump reportedly refused to listen to Melania when she pushed him to take the coronavirus more seriously, and has been screaming at Brad Parscale for being the bearer of bad news with regard to poll numbers. Meanwhile, he has publicly complained about Twitter fact-checking him, about the press reporting on his behavior and COVID-9 response, and about the Mueller investigation, which he continues to see as an unfair attack on him.

donald trump raging and scared say insiders
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A new Vanity Fair report relying on insider information from unnamed sources finds that Trump is having a lot of tantrums when he’s out of the public eye. The story cites one Trump advisor who says Trump can’t stop whining and raging, quoting Trump as saying, “This is so unfair to me! Everything was going great. We were cruising to reelection!”

An insider also told the publication that Melania Trump had warned her husband to take the virus seriously in February, and he refused to listen, leading her to tell people that the president “…only hears what he wants to hear and surrounds himself with yes-people and family.”

Trump is also reportedly yelling at campaign manager Brad Parscale, saying, “How many f***ing times do I have to tell you I don’t like this! Are you f***ing stupid?”

Though Vanity Fair reached out to the White House, the Office of the First Lady, and Trump’s campaign, the only response received was a denial that Trump called Parscale stupid.

The same escalation, victimhood, and finger-pointing is demonstrated in Trump’s public behavior as well. It can be seen in tweets, such as earlier this week when Trump threatened to shut down social media because he felt attacked by fact-checking. He’s complained that “political hacks” are reporting negatively about his coronavirus response, that the press reported on him playing golf as the COVID-19 death toll approached 100k, and continues to press the narrative that President Barack Obama was involved in a conspiracy against the Trump campaign and presidency. He’s tweeted about “Obamagate” (an amorphous conspiracy theory that he refuses to specify) endlessly this month.

Vanity Fair‘s insider said that Trump was angry about polling poorly. This, too, bears out in his tweets. Last week he tweeted to complain that Fox News polls saw Joe Biden outperforming Trump on multiple agendas — and a majority of respondents said they’d vote for Biden if the election was that day. Rather than consider campaign strategy changes, Trump suggested Fox should fire their pollster, or publish polls that showed him more favorably.

Overall, the consensus seems to be that Trump is having the same rages and fits in private that he’s showing publicly, though in private, he’s reportedly admitting fears and concerns more openly. It’s consistent with insiders’ assertions throughout Trump’s presidency. It was virtually the entire theme of ‘Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,’ which Michael Wolff wrote after numerous interviews and observations of Trump administration members and others close to the family. Trump’s temper and erratic behavior was the subject of a NY Times piece by a senior official in the Trump administration in 2018.

Overall, anonymous insider accounts are consistently asserting the same behaviors and emotions from Trump — and they are regularly verified by his actions in public, especially on social media.

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