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Trump’s Trouser Trouble Is Twitter’s Favorite Thing About His Speech

Trump’s Trouser Trouble Is Twitter’s Favorite Thing About His Speech

If there’s one thing social media can be counted on for, it’s bringing the mockery for Donald Trump. Making fun of a man in his 70’s for apparently having difficulty putting his pants on would be a social faux pas in most cases, but when he presided over half a million deaths to a pandemic that he downplayed, enriched himself at the nation’s expense, and promoted discrimination and xenophobia, people seem to find their way around it just fine.

[Screenshot via CSPAN]

In this case, Donald Trump gave a speech to North Carolina Republicans — a speech which he and his campaign had promoted as a “presidential” event — and something didn’t seem to be quite right with his pants.

Twitter users have a lot of theories about Trump’s pants: he was unable to zip them so safety-pinned the fly in the back, they’re flyless elastic-waist pants, he turned them around to hide something (an incontinence accident or otherwise), he made a mistake and couldn’t admit it, and so on.



Many of the theories lean back on stories shared by Noel Casler, who once worked on the set of Celebrity Apprentice, and claims that Trump is a drug addict who has a resulting problem controlling bodily functions.

As for Casler, he was ready to defend the mockery, reminding critics of just how hard Trump worked to hurt democracy.

Notably, it’s not the first time Trump has caught public attention for the appearance of his pants — back in November, #DiaperDon trended, leading the then-president to tweet and complain that Twitter was making up fake trends.

The full video is available here at CSPAN.

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