Trump’s Stupid CDC Budget Cuts Makes Coronavirus Even Scarier

President Donald Trump’s only redeemable action has been not totally f*cking up the strong economy President Barack Obama handed to him.

Our “Boss Baby” president constantly points to a robust stock market and low unemployment as indicators of his success. But even if the market has been able to outperform itself in the face of much adversity, including the growing threat of the coronavirus, it finally succumbed to the panic of the looming pandemic with the Dow dropping a 1,000 points Monday.

While sudden market dips are of concern, Trump’s slashing of the CDC budget — as well as firings and key resignations — are more alarming.

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Despite asking Congress for $1.25 billion in funds to combat the Coronavirus, the Orange Swamp Monster is proposing cuts to health programs across the government, and has already slashed billions from the CDC.

Worse yet, he literally fired everyone on the National Security Council’s Pandemic Response Team and there is nobody within the administration who is appointed to deal with the coronavirus situation.

Via Mother Jones

At the beginning of the Trump administration, public health legend Rear Admiral Tim Ziemer led a global health security team at the White House’s National Security Council. This, almost everyone agreed, was a very good thing: Ziemer had years of experience—under President George W. Bush, he had led a successful effort to fight malaria overseas. His team, a group of world-class infectious disease and public health experts—was working on implementing a national biodefense strategy to coordinate agencies in order to make the United States more resilient to the threat of biowarfare and epidemics.

But in 2018, when John Bolton assumed the role of national security advisor, Ziemer left, and Bolton disbanded his team, amid public outcry. No one has since filled the position.

So what does this mean?

The fact remains that Republicans have been waging an all-out war on science for many years and cut funding to the NIH, which in turn is responsible for funding basic science and clinical research at our top universities.

Worse yet, we have a president who’s decidedly unstable and utterly not a genius overseeing the Coronavirus.

Since a strong stock market seems to be his chief and only concern in terms of reelection, chances are he will be doing more to combat coronavirus in the future.

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