Trump’s Shutdown Bill Leaves Migrant Children Stranded

When Donald Trump presented his Government Shutdown Compromise, he painted it as a no-brainer for Democrats. Not only would the government be opened, but DREAMers would be offered 3 additional years of protection.

Gage Skidmore

The DACA promise fell short and Democrats quickly rejected the president’s attempt at a deal. This did not stop Mitch McConnell and Republicans from releasing their 1,300 page bill last night. The bill, which will be voted on this week, also hopes to make major changes to the immigration and asylum system.

The bill proposes that Central American children will not be eligible for asylum unless they apply in their home country. The Federalist’s Gabriel Malor points out the contradiction in this clause, “Asylum is a form of relief for people who are being persecuted in their home countries and the authorities there are unable or unwilling to protect them (or are the source of the persecution). You can’t condition asylum on people remaining in the place where they are persecuted.”

That is not the only proposed change to the asylum system. According to attorney Aaron Reichlin-Melnik, “Under the so-called “compromise” bill, only 50k Central American minors are allowed to apply for asylum each year, and only 15k asylum applications can be granted. AND it wouldn’t be done by immigration judges, it would be a totally nonreviewable DHS decision. And no judicial review!”

The bill is not expected to pass. Chuck Schumer has said of the measure, “Offering some protections back in exchange for the wall is not a compromise but more hostage taking.”

With little headway made, the shutdown looks to extend into month number two.

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