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Trump’s Self-Praising Prompts Laughter from the Entire UN Assembly

Trump’s Self-Praising Prompts Laughter from the Entire UN Assembly

In typical Trump fashion, the President used his address to the United Nations in New York to boast of his administration’s “achievements” during its first two years in office.

He opened his speech at the UN General Assembly, “in less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country”. As he paused to let the weight of the statement sink in, pockets of laughter could be heard around the auditorium.

Then, as if to underscore his initial statement, he said, “so, true”, which prompted widespread laughter from the entire UN Assembly.

After an awkward pause, the visibly surprised President acknowledged the laughter, offering “didn’t expect that reaction but that’s OK”.

While it has long been apparent that the international community is laughing at the US leader behind closed doors, this is the first time it has openly done so at a large public event, in front of the President himself.

Trump went on to say that the US was a “stronger, safer and richer country” than when he took office.

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As evidence for his accomplishments, he cited his apparent progress with North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un. Once again, Trump praised the leader of the hermit-kingdom for “his courage and for the steps he has taken”.

He defended several of his administration’s foreign policy decisions, including the decision to move the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem from Tel-Aviv, and his trade war with China.

Prior to the speech, ABC7 reported that White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders predicted that his speech would be “a great moment for the president”. Instead, it was a great moment for his critics as heads of states from around the world audibly laughed at a man regurgitating blatant falsehoods.

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