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Trump’s Religion Adviser Attacks All Religions That Are Not Evangelical

Trump’s Religion Adviser Attacks All Religions That Are Not Evangelical

Robert Jeffress Talk Show Christians

Pastor Robert Jeffress has a message for Christians who oppose Trump: You are “spineless morons.” Trump’s religion adviser made the comments during an interview on the conservative Todd Starnes Radio Show.

Robert Jeffress Talk Show Christians
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Pastor Jeffress explained to his radio audience, “Let me say this as charitably as I can. These ‘Never Trump’ evangelicals are morons. They are absolutely spineless morons and they cannot admit that they are wrong.”

Jeffress, who is the head of megachurch First Baptist Dallas, is no stranger to callous claims. Previously he has said that Islam promotes pedophilia and that the Catholic church today is more of a pagan religion than true Christianity.

This time, Jeffress chose to go after Christians who are anti-Trump. The pastor equated evangelicals who don’t support Trump’s stance on abortion to German Christians in Nazi Germany. Specifically, the ones who remained quiet during the Holocaust.

Pastor Jeffress commented, “We cannot afford to be like German Christians who, in the rise of the evil reign of Adolf Hitler, just remained neutered. They remained silent. And you saw what happened there.”

He added, “I think there’s a similar wave of godlessness that is rising in our country right now and we must push back against that tide.”

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Jeffress singled out New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who signed an abortion bill last month that evangelicals say allows abortions at all stages of pregnancy. In actuality, the abortion bill Cuomo signed changes New York’s laws to be more like the Roe v. Wade decision. FactChrck.org breaks some of the wording in the law down here.

When speaking of the New York Governor, Jeffress stated, “What you’re seeing that Andrew Cuomo and others have proposed it’s not only sinful and wrong, it’s barbaric. It’s the sign of what Romans 1 in the New Testament calls a depraved mind that would allow that to happen.”

Pastor Robert Jeffress’ comments came the day before Fox News released a poll showing that nearly half of Republicans believe God wanted Trump to be president. The Washington Post reports that, while a quarter of the country agrees, 55 percent of white evangelicals polled also agree.

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