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‘Trump’s Relationships All Involve Emotional Blackmail or Threats of Blackmail,’ Says Author of Trump Memoir

‘Trump’s Relationships All Involve Emotional Blackmail or Threats of Blackmail,’ Says Author of Trump Memoir

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We all know that President Trump has had quite a few romantic and sexual relationships with different women over the years.  Whether it be one of his ex-wives or one of his mistresses, there are certainly a lot of stories floating out there.  Author of ‘Golden Handcuffs: The Secret History of Trump’s Women,‘ Nina Burleigh, took some time last week for an interview with KrassenCast.

During her 30 minute interview, as part of Episode 7 of KrassenCast: Donald Trump’s History With Women & QAnon’s Troll Against Us Fails Miserably,’ Burleigh discussed Trump’s previous relationships with his mother, grandmother, ex-wives, wife and daughter, as well as his willingness to lie about some of these relationships.

During the interview, which is now available on iTunes and Youtube, Burleigh asserted that:

“Donald Trump’s relationship, not just with women, but with men too, all involve emotional blackmail, threats of blackmail, implied threats of blackmail and of course financial insecurity.  So these women, holding [an] ugly secret — and it could be something as simple as… she know’s what he looks like in his underwear — [These women] know what he looks like without his spray tan.  They know how he gets his hair to look like that.  Those secrets are only the very beginning — the very tip of the iceberg of what they know about him.  So that is a power that [they have] over him.”

KrassenCast asked Burleigh about her thoughts on the relationship between Melania and Donald Trump, if she believes their marriage will last, post-presidency, and what Melania saw and continues to see in her husband.

“She just liked luxury and she liked security and that’s what she wanted,” Burleigh explained.  “All the other things that go along with being with [Trump] are secondary, including running off with a porn star, although you don’t want to be humiliated in front of the world, but I don’t think it was an issue for her.”

Burleigh believes that the marriage between Donald and Melania will last because she doesn’t believe Melania will “walk away” from “the goose that laid the golden egg for her.”

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“I think she’s in the role of Elena Ceausescu, like somebody who would really just be perfectly fine with the autocrat and also getting the benefits of that autocracy,” Burleigh told KrassenCast. “That’s the culture that she comes out of.”

The entire interview with Burleigh can be heard in Episode 7 of KrassenCast, now available on iTunes and Youtube, as well as in the video below.

You can subscribe to the KrassenCast podcast on iTunes and Youtube.

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