Trump’s ‘Rally Around The Flag’ Moment Is Short-lived — Poll Finds Most Americans Disapprove Of His COVID Response

Two weeks ago, the nation was discussing a “Trump bump” in the polls, showing that Americans were coming to the defense to President Donald Trump in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

SOUTHCOM/U.S. Southern Command

Such “rally around the flag” moments aren’t unusual for presidents to see. Trump’s was unusual in that it was a somewhat small rally. It’s now atypical for a different reason: for how short-lived it was.

The week before the crisis was declared a national emergency by the president, according to ABS News/Ipsos polling data, Trump actually had a net-negative approval rating on the subject. But after that national emergency declaration was made, a majority of Americans backed him up, with 55 percent saying they approved of his job handling coronavirus, and 44 percent saying he deserved negative rating.

Since that time, ABC News/Ipsos has conducted two more polls, which have included the same question: how would you rate the job Trump is doing in handling the crisis?

In the first poll of this month, Americans’ views became more split: 47 percent approved of his work, while 52 percent disapproved. That was an 8-point swing from his previous standing.

The most recent poll from this month, however, released on Friday, found that the approval numbers for Trump are slipping further still.

Graph based on polling data from ABC News/Ipsos

Only 44 percent of Americans now say Trump deserves positive marks for his response to the disease. Meanwhile, 55 percent say that he’s done a bad job when it comes to combatting the disease’s spread.

Americans also expressed deep concern about contracting the disease themselves, or worry that a person they know might get sick, with 86 percent expressing that concern and only 14 percent saying they weren’t too worried about it.

Americans also seem to be shifting toward wearing masks, as is now recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Fifty-five percent of the country said they have worn a mask in the past week, while 45 percent say they haven’t.

Featured image credit: SOUTHCOM/U.S. Southern Command

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