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“Trump’s Prophets” Insist There Will Be a Second Term

“Trump’s Prophets” Insist There Will Be a Second Term

Donald Trump continues to hold sway over a bafflingly significant portion of the population, and a subset of that population is his Evangelical Christian base, who have been looking the other way regarding his many transgressions throughout his term. They have forgiven him for his infidelities during his three marriages, his tax evasion, his documented racism and xenophobia, and his lack of a coronavirus response that has led to the deaths of nearly a quarter of a million Americans. Because he’s willing to stack the courts full of conservative judges who will further their pro-life agenda, Evangelicals will make any excuse for the man who’s now officially lost the election with a final Electoral College vote tally sitting at 232, though the Trump camp has yet to officially concede.

Now the Trump faithful have decided to cling to false hope and remain in denial of Joe Biden’s record Popular Vote win or Kamala Harris making history as the first Black, first South Asian, and first woman to hold the title of Vice President, even as the chorus of voices grow louder for the Trump camp to public accept its defeat.

Many of the Pentecostal “apostles” and “prophets” who make up some of Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters continue to put faith in the many predictions and prophesies that Trump would be reelected and given a second term. This week Sid Roth, host of the popular “It’s Supernatural” show, interviewed “up-and-coming prophet” Chris Reed, who said that God told him back in August that Philadelphia would take center stage during the election. He described a vision in which he saw a large map of the United States with one person standing in each state; then they all turned to face Pennsylvania.

Reed said that God is coming to intervene—and when Roth pushed him to say directly whether he was saying that Trump would be getting a second term, he said yes. Roth said that Trump is “God’s selection for this moment in history” and that if Trump is not reelected, “it speeds up End Time events, and God’s heart, his passion, is for souls, and he wants everyone to know him before this wrap-up occurs.”

“Prophet” Kat Kerr, who continues to insist that “God was saying Trump will win”, also claimed that if there is a “mock” swearing-in of Joe Biden, “it will not stick.” The prophets who prophesied Trump’s victory were not wrong, she said, and should stop apologizing.

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Another self-proclaimed prophet, dominionist Dutch Sheets, claimed, “We are in the middle of an evil attempt to overthrow the government of the United States of America.” Sheets proclaimed that God will “defeat the Satanic plan to overthrow his plan for America”. “While those on the Left rejoice, we are still waiting for the legal results of this election,” Sheets wrote. “We still have time to see the rod of Christ’s authority fall and crush the rebellion at the gate.”

Meanwhile, the GOP voices pushing for Trump to accept the election results continues to grow ever louder nearly a full week after Biden and Harris were named the winners.

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