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Trump’s Own Adviser Admits The GOP Isn’t Ready For Investigations By Dems

Trump’s Own Adviser Admits The GOP Isn’t Ready For Investigations By Dems

Republicans are not prepared to deal with a number of Trump-related investigations, one former campaign adviser to the current president is saying.

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After Democrats won control of the House of Representatives, investigations into President Donald Trump’s activities before and during his time in office were seen as inevitable.

But as those investigations start to formulate, one veteran Republican operative is sounding the alarm for the president, as well as members of the GOP in Congress, who he suggests are being caught off-guard.

David Bossie served as a campaign deputy adviser for Trump during his 2016 campaign. He was also an instrumental actor in the impeachment proceedings of President Bill Clinton in the late 1990s, so he knows a thing or two about how one prepares for criminal charges against the chief executive.

In terms of how Republicans in Congress are reacting so far, Bossie told ABC News their actions are worrying him. “We’re not ready,” he bluntly explained.

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Although he stated that they had a long way to go in order to be ready to defend the president, Bossie cautioned against saying Republicans weren’t preparing to do so.

“Do I see a killer team that is ready for the impeachment proceedings that are potentially coming…do I think the White House is ready? From a staff standpoint — I would say no,” Bossie said. “Do I believe they are in the process of getting ready? Yes.”

Bossie further explained that he had been in contact with Republicans in the House of Representatives, the body of Congress that Democrats control, about how to best react to their investigations. He said he advised them to get “a bigger staff and a bigger budget.”

“If this investigation is going to get big and robust, you need more help and you need high-quality help,” Bossie said he told Republican leaders.

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