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Trump’s New Social Media Company Just Became Partners With a QAnon Video Site

Trump’s New Social Media Company Just Became Partners With a QAnon Video Site

VICE is reporting that Donald Trump’s new social network will be using a video-sharing site known for spreading anti-vaxxer and QAnon conspiracies to provide its video and streaming services, the Trump Media and Technology Group (TMGT) announced last night.

Truth Social, which is part of the proposed TMGT media empire, will partner with Rumble in a “wide-ranging technology and cloud services agreement.” The companies are also apparently in “exclusive negotiations” to launch a subscription-based streaming service called TMGT+.


WILKES BARRE, PA – AUGUST 02: David Reinert holds up a large “Q” sign while waiting in line to see President Donald J. Trump at his rally on August 2, 2018 at the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. “Q” represents QAnon, a conspiracy theory group that has been seen at recent rallies. (Photo by Rick Loomis/Getty Images)

A press release claimed that Truth Social has already launched to “invited guests only” and that Rumble was already providing the cloud services to the beta version. Back in October, when Trump announced his new enterprise, he said that a beta version of Truth would go live in November. It isn’t clear if the site has indeed launched in any capacity, how many invited guests are using Truth Social, or who those guests are, VICE reports, but it’s clear who their intended audience is.

Rumble advertises itself as “a free-speech alternative to YouTube” and other mainstream social networks with stricter policies, and the site is unsurprisingly filled with conspiracy-laden videos. The platform also includes several channels run by many of the biggest QAnon influencers. all of whom were kicked off of YouTube and Facebook during the last 12 months.

Despite the fact that Truth Social hasn’t launched any services or products yet, and was hacked within minutes of being announced, some investors are still drooling over a Trump-branded media empire; the company has an implied valuation of over $10 billion. Still, its investor presentation was strewn with errors and featured some details copy-and-pasted from the internet.

Read the full profile at VICE.

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