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Trump’s New Social Media App Scheme Is Performing Exactly As He Hoped As Stock ‘Massively Declines’

Trump’s New Social Media App Scheme Is Performing Exactly As He Hoped As Stock ‘Massively Declines’

Donald Trump launched another successful grift–that is, a new social media platform–called TRUTH Social last week, which has already resulted in investors seeing epic losses instead of any returns. And that’s just what Trump intended.

As we previously reported, Trump Media & Technology Group went public via a SPAC, which means it’s a “special purpose acquisition company,” or what’s more typically known as a “blank check company.” In layman’s terms, it’s a shell corporation, and this isn’t the first one Trump has been associated with. Essentially, it’s a way to get a company listed on the stock market as a way to attract private investors who don’t want to deal with any red tape or an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

The classic “pump and dump” scheme should just be renamed the “Trump and Dump” for his continued reliance on SPACs to get much-needed money into his coffers as fast as possible. All of those legal fees he’ll never pay sure do add up, don’t you know. And as everything Trump touches dies, a company linked to TRUTH Social suffered “a massive weekly decline” in its stock price, according to Investors Business Daily. Digital World Acquisition (DWAC), which is merging with the Trump Media & Technology Group to form the Truth Social platform, finished at $67.75 per share on Friday, which represented a 25 percent decline for the week. Digital World Acquisition skyrocketed last week on the news it will serve as a vehicle to take the new Trump group public via a merger, but the decline is much more lucrative to Trump.

Adding to their decline, Truth Social reportedly could also have its software license revoked in 30 days if it doesn’t make its source code public. Newsweek reports that Truth Social’s terms of use claim that “all” its source code is its “proprietary property,” but users quickly noticed that the site clearly used Mastodon code, an open-source social media framework that aims to allow people to create online platforms without relying on big tech. However, its AGPLv3 license (which applies to all free software) requires users to make the source code and any modifications public. In a Friday blog post, Mastodon’s founder, Eugen Rochko, said that his company had warned Truth Social that its license could be permanently revoked within a month if it does not comply with this requirement.

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