Trump’s New Postmaster General Could Destroy The Postal Service

Louis Dejoy is the newly appointed U.S. Postmaster General and his appointment is raising many questions about the future of the postal service in America. Many are concerned about the fact that Dejoy has no experience as a letter carrier, and instead, worked with the postal service as a contractor. People are also concerned with some changes that are being made that were revealed by a veteran letter carrier in a letter to the Inspector General.

The letter alleges that packages are being delayed on purpose in favor of fast-tracking deliveries from other companies like Amazon. There is also the concern of President Trump seemingly disliking many American institutions and his disdain for mail-in voting which has been adopted by many states leading up to the election in November. Trump has gone on record saying that mail-in voting would open the doors for fraud, although there is no evidence that widespread voter fraud even exists.

There is also the question of Dejoy’s loyalty and whether he is committed to the success of the postal service or if he is more concerned with impressing Trump. Despite all these concerns, it does not seem likely that Dejoy will be leaving his position unless Trump decides to fire him. Dejoy’s exit from the position might depend on Trump seeing him as an enemy, instead of, an ally. With the election just a few months away we will see if Dejoy fixes the issues with the postal service or makes them worse as millions of Americans depend on the post office when they vote.

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