Trump’s New Conspiracy Theory: President Biden’s Not Really In Charge

Donald Trump’s life motto seems to be “If you can’t beat em, make up any lie you want about them.” It’s worked well for him throughout his life, employing the tactic of quoting some unknown anonymous source (“a friend”, “many people are saying…not me, but many people…”) to create a rumor for MAGA to accept as the latest truth. Trump has never worked harder in his life than in the last few months to stay on the national radar, forcing Lindsey Graham into making declarations of public loyalty and creating a “new platform” (aka a blog) to stay in touch with his base.

Now that he’s established some sort of way to still get the word out, the former guy has created a brand new conspiracy about the Current Guy: that he’s not in charge at all while Vice President Kamala Harris secretly runs everything.

Photos by Olivier DOULIERY and Brendan Smialowski / AFP

According to a new profile in The Washington Post, Trump has been whining that President Biden is ‘a disaster’ and baselessly claims that ‘Joe isn’t in charge, everybody knows it’s Kamala’  in an attempt to portray President Biden as an unwitting stooge of Vice President Harris. It’s notable that this was also the same angle used against former President George W. Bush when his detractors openly accused Vice President Dick Cheney of actually making the major policy decisions impacting the country.

All of this comes amid the rumblings that the former guy is contemplating another run in 2024, although it could be another typical Trump smokescreen to divert from his looming prosecutions in Georgia and New York.

The piece also says Trump’s reappearance is “fueled by an ego-driven desire to remain at the center of national attention” and truer words were never printed.

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