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Trump’s ICE Nominee: I Can Tell Future MS-13 Members by the Look in Their Eyes

Trump’s ICE Nominee: I Can Tell Future MS-13 Members by the Look in Their Eyes

Republicans have been accused of using racially charged language while describing migrants who are seeking asylum in the US. While seeking asylum is not a crime, many of these refugees are often painted as criminals.

Mark Morgan, who President Trump recently nominated to be the Director of ICE, appeared on Tucker Carlson in January of this year. According to Morgan, he can tell which migrants will become members of violent street gang, MS-13, simply by looking into their eyes.

The nominee told the Fox News host, “I’ve been to detention facilities where I’ve walked up to these individuals that are so-called minors, 17 or under. I’ve looked at them and I’ve look into their eyes, Tucker. And I’ve said that is a soon-to-be MS-13 gang member. It’s unequivocal.”

While Morgan did serve under Barack Obama, this January Fox News appearance served as somewhat of an audition for Donald Trump. The president tweeted after the nomination, “Mark is a true believer and American Patriot. He will do a great job!

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This kind of rhetoric has become common from Republicans speaking about the women and children at the border. President Donald Trump tweeted in November of 2018, “Mexico should move the flag waving Migrants, many of whom are stone cold criminals, back to their countries. Do it by plane, do it by bus, do it anyway you want, but they are NOT coming into the U.S.A. We will close the Border permanently if need be. Congress, fund the WALL!”


Watch a clip of Morgan’s Tucker Carlson appearance here:

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