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Trump’s Hometown Newspapers Endorse Biden

Trump’s Hometown Newspapers Endorse Biden

Most politicians hope they can count on their hometown newspapers for an endorsement to help sway voters their way. That didn’t so much work out for Donald Trump, who now has been rejected by a trifecta of newspapers in his current,  former and temporary hometowns.

The Palm Beach Post, the local newspaper available for delivery to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, The New York Times, published just blocks from Trump Tower in Manhattan, and The Washington Post all have endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden for president.

In its editorial backing Biden, which carried the headline “For the Sake of Our Fragile Democracy, Biden for President,” The Post wrote:

“Rarely have so many Americans yearned so strongly to remove a sitting president. Count The Palm Beach Post Editorial Board among them. Donald J. Trump’s intentionally divisive presidency is hurtling us toward the most alarming threat to American democracy that any of us has ever seen. For the first time, we have a president who cannot bring himself to commit to the peaceful transition of power. In many other countries, across many centuries, this road often has led to bloodshed, to tyranny. It is time to vote for Joseph R. Biden.”

The Post also noted: “Biden may not be perfect — Lord knows he is an awkward debater — but he has vowed to be a president for the whole country, not just the sections that voted for him. That’s what presidents are supposed to do.”

The editorial concludes: “At this moment, a Biden victory is all that prevents this nation and our democracy from being disfigured, perhaps beyond recognition, by another four years of official lies, numbing incompetence, growing repression and a tragic loss of American standing around the world.”

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In explaining its Biden endorsement The Times wrote: “The choice is as plain as the mask on Mr. Biden’s face. In our endorsement today, the board wrote that above all else it is Mr. Biden’s promise to be a president to all Americans that argues most persuasively for his election. After four years of the most divisive president in modern times, this is both welcome and urgently needed.”

The Washington Post’s endorsement reads, in part: “Democracy is at risk, at home and around the world. The nation desperately needs a president who will respect its public servants; stand up for the rule of law; acknowledge Congress’s constitutional role; and work for the public good, not his private benefit.”

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