Trump’s Former Campaign Chief is Helping Caitlyn Jenner in Her Bid to Become CA’s Next Governor

Caitlyn Jenner is looking to potentially run for Governor of California and is looking for help from former Trump campaign head Brad Parscale.

In many ways, Jenner is a very odd candidate for public office. She is a strong Republican. Republican voters, however, are very unlikely to support a transgender candidate. And Democrats are obviously not going to be interested in voting for her either.

Still, the 71 year old former Olympic medalist and reality television star is meeting with advisers about a potential run. In order for her to run, though, current governor Gavin Newsom would have to be recalled. There is precedent for a recall in California. Arnold Schwarzenegger became the Governor of the state in 2003 in a recall election.

And Jenner has spoken about the role with some important GOP figures. According to the New York Post, “Parscale, who has known Jenner personally for a few years, is helping her with staffing critical personnel as she considers launching a gubernatorial bid.”

The report continues, “While Jenner may have grand political ambitions, a source close to Parscale told The Post he was not interested in being campaign manager for a second time, though he could be asked to join the Jenner team as an adviser down the line.”

Parscale’s previous role, of course, ended in disgrace. He was replaced as Donald Trump’s campaign head after a wildly unsuccessful rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was arrested later that year after an domestic incident with his wife at his Florida home.


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