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Trump’s Final AG In Discussions to Testify Before Congress

Trump’s Final AG In Discussions to Testify Before Congress

The last person to serve as Attorney General under Donald Trump’s is apparently willing to reveal new details about the former guy’s last-minute efforts to remain in office despite his election loss.

Jeffrey Rosen, who only spent the last month of Trump’s administration in the role, is said to be negotiating the terms of a potential appearance before Congress to testify about his knowledge of Trump’s efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 Presidential Election.

House Democrats have already launched an investigation into the scandal surrounding Trump’s DOJ and his orders to obtain the phone records and other private information from top Democrats and members of the press. Rosen could potentially speak to that investigation and provide insight as to why the DOJ subpoenaed the data from Apple and order the tech company to remain silent about it.

Concurrently, the House Oversight Committee has released a timeline from Trump’s attempts to pressure his DOJ to overturn the 2020 election results to keep him in power.

Testimony from Rosen could also fill in additional details about the full scope of Trump’s efforts to get the department to help overturn the election.

The House Oversight Committee released emails showing Trump tried to enlist both Rosen and his predecessor William Barr in efforts to use the Department of Justice to discredit Joe Biden’s election win, and the former acting attorney general could be able to say how close he came to succeeding.

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Rosen might also be able to pinpoint when he realized just how serious and deliberate Trump’s efforts to overturn the election really were, as well as speak to any additional efforts by Trump or his staff to get other department officials to scrutinize other examples of supposed election fraud.

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