Trump’s Favorite Pollster, Rasmussen, Has Him Down 12 Points Nationally

Donald Trump’s poll numbers have never been worse. He was shown to be down by 14% in a Wall St. Journal/NBC News poll that was conducted before he contracted. A CNN poll that was taken after he got sick showed him down by even more, 16%.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The numbers have bothered Trump so much that he took to Twitter on Wednesday to complain about a poll that had him down in Pennsylvania. If anyone was going to throw him a lifeline, it was the Rasmussen poll. That was not to be, however, as the president’s favorite pollster released a survey on Wednesday that had Trump down 12%.

Anytime you see the president tweet about a poll that showed him with an over 50% approval rating, it invariably comes from Rasmussen. The pollster drew renown in 2016 for being one of the few services that had Trump winning the election. Trump, of course, did fail to win the popular vote.

But there was no good news coming from Rasmussen this time around. The service had Donald Trump trailing Joe Biden by a margin of 52%-40%.

The poll also didn’t deliver an approval rating over 50% for the president either. The daily Rasmussen approval survey had Trump with a 54% disapproval compared to a 44% approval.

There was more bad polling news for Trump on Wednesday as well. Quinnipiac University released surveys that showed the president down in Florida by 11%, in Pennsylvania by 13% and in Florida by 5%.

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