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Trump’s DOJ Keeps Paul Manafort out of Rikers Island

Trump’s DOJ Keeps Paul Manafort out of Rikers Island

In March of this year, the President’s former campaign chair, Paul Manafort, was sentenced to 7 1/2 years in prison. Despite the jail term, the 70 year old political lobbyist never turned on Trump and gave information to the FBI.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

While Manafort awaits his next trial, he was to be remanded to Rikers Island, a famously brutal New York jail. Attorney General William Barr’s right-hand man, Jeffrey Rosen, has stepped in to order that the lobbyist be held in a federal prison.

According to the New York Times, “On Monday, federal prison officials weighed in, telling the Manhattan district attorney’s office that Mr. Manafort, 70, would not be going to Rikers.”

Some pundits felt that keeping Manafort out of a dangerous prison like Rikers Island could be a way to keep him from testifying against Trump.

Former Special Counsel for the Department of Defense, Ryan Goodman, tweeted, “I had long been wondering what would happen when Manafort ended up at Rikers Island—harsh conditions, which could make a man like him flip and start talking. Now in a most unusual move, Attorney General Barr’s new top deputy intervened to stop Manafort being moved to Rikers.”

While Manafort served in an important role under Trump, the President has attempted to minimize his impact. In August of 2018, Trump tweeted, “Paul Manafort worked for Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole and many other highly prominent and respected political leaders. He worked for me for a very short time. Why didn’t government tell me that he was under investigation. These old charges have nothing to do with Collusion – a Hoax!”


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